Yangshuo Qixianfeng tea plantation is located in the tourist area of Yangshuo. The main body of the tea garden is composed of seven high peaks, for instance, the big dipper.
The tea from there has good shape, strong aroma, pure taste and good return. It is well received by people from all walks of life.
The products are sold well across the country and become one of the most influential tea brands in the district.
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People are attracted to this wonderful tea plantation by its beautiful boundless tea sea and fame.  We’re ready to pick tea leaves to know more Chinese tea culture. Let’s go for it.
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It’s very important to pick tea leaves, because when you pick it, you need to choose which part of the tea tree is the best, and also you need to recognize which is the  freshest, sure the top one will be fresher than the others, especially the top part is the best of all, could make high quality and fine tea leaves.
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Chinese culture is profound, especially the tea culture. In the ancient China the tea has a great impact on our daily life, people drinks tea everyday and also uses it to cook. When their friends visit them or they’re invited, the first thing is to drink tea, and then talk something about daily life to each other.
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Each year, every season,  aways many people come to Qixiangfeng tea garden to see the view, to pick leaves and to enjoy the nature.
 We met some friends there and had a good memory.