Xingping is a town located in the northeast of Yangshuo county, 25 kilometers away from Yangshuo. Xingping has developed more than 50 industries such as maritime, aviation, electronics, medicine, and light. There are several sightseeings in the area, including the 20 Yuan background, Laozhai mountain, Husband mountain and Guan temple, among others! It attracts thousands and thousands of people to the area and this weekend we decided to check it out.

Our meeting point was at our Chinese Academy. Chinese students learning English and students learning Chinese join the crew to explore the area, giving them a chance to practice their language and most importantly, make new friends.

The first place we visited was the landscape depicted on the 20 Yuan background. This is definitely a must when you travel to Yangshuo, not only because is the artwork of the the 20 Chinese Yuan, but also because of it’s beauty!

Since the place started attracting tourism, it suddenly became a scenic area charing visitors a fee to entry the surroundings. However, Laozhai still remains unspoiled and you can still visit it free of charge. Laozhai mountain is not very high, but when you reach the top you will witness one of the most beautiful views in front of you. Gorgeous sunsets with some fishing boats on the horizon will make you want to stay there forever!

According to a story, a traveler visited the area and hear that if you reach the top of Laozhai Mountain, you will see the most  beautiful scenery of Xingping. At that time there was no road that lead to the top, but the traveler was eager to see that view and using a rope he made his way to the top. He couldn’t believe the scenery in front of him, and decided to build a road for other to witness such beauty. He also decided he wanted to live in that peaceful and beautiful town. After he was permitted by the government he spent all his money to built that road and a hostel.

On the way to the top, you will see a pavilion call 和(hé)平(píng) in the middle of the mountain, and another one on the mountaintop call 友(yǒu)好(hǎo). Those two pavilions symbolize peace and friendship between China and Japan. Laozhai Mountain is not as high as TV tower, but the road is steeper.

Finally, we reach the top, and we see the pavilion 友(yǒu)好(hǎo).