Chinese Food– Class Dinner

What is Class Dinner?

Every month, we have a class dinner. In March, Spring was nearing closer. It was time for a class gathering.  Twenty one people, including teachers and students, gathered together to have a big meal at Chunji Restaurant (椿(chūn) 记(jì) 烧(shāo) 鹅(é)).

Every dish was delicious – a great success. Would you like to try it, too?  Join the Omeida family in Yangshuo and you’ll be able to enjoy these fancy dishes too!

Have Delicious Chinese Food Together

Do you know what the above dish is? It is called 京(jīng)酱(jiàng) 鸭(yā) 肉(ròu) which is a Peking style dish. How do you eat it? First of all, you unfold thin white pancake and hold it in your hand. Then use your chopsticks to pick up pieces of sauced duck, adding cucumber sticks and garlic for taste. Finally, wrap everything together and enjoy.

Gisela and Dan were really interested in Chinese food. In China, when we go out with a group like this we all share food – it’s a great way to make friends from all around the world, and try dishes you might not have had the courage to taste before.

Let’s Have Fun!

At dinner we played a game of charades with the popular app ‘Draw Something’. It’s really fun. Students took turns acting out the Chinese characters on their phones, an others guessed what they meant.

We called this game 你(nǐ) 画(huà) 我(wǒ) 猜(cāi) in Chinese. It was a real challenge, especially for new students. But acting is a great way to get the hang of Chinese, and to encourage and support your friends.

If you would you like to join a class dinner? Join us at Omeida!