What is the Tea Culture Class?


This is our Tea Culture Class. This class is taught by Mr. Huang who is the boss of Guo Fu Tea House. He is telling students how people make different kinds of tea.


Do you know what are they doing? They are smelling the tea leaves to feel the differences between them. This class tells you a lot about the Tea Culture.


Experience is the best teacher. So let us go to the Tea Plantation of 七(qī)仙(xiān)峰(fēng) to learn more about tea. Actions speak louder than words, here we go.

What Can We Do at The Tea Plantation?

As you can see in above photo, this is a big Tea Plantation. You can pick up tea leave by yourself. Which part should we pick? I will not tell you the answer. You will find out the answer at following article.

Let’s take a look how many tea leaves we have picked.

Are you kidding me!

There are hardly any tea leaves in these baskets! The students were enjoying themselves too much, got distracted and were slow to pick leaves.

Take a look at this basket. You may find out there are some tea leaves in it. But what are those red things? They are a kind of special sweet fruit.

The second step after 采(cǎi) 茶(chá) (pick tea leaves)is 炒(chǎo) 茶(chá)(to cook tea). Push, hold and shake are the three actions you have to do to cook tea.

The last step is 品(pǐn) 茶(chá)(tea-tasting). We learnt about the different ways to hold the tea cup depending on whether you are a man or a woman.


Do you know other etiquette of drinking tea? Would you want to experience wonderful trip like this? Don’t hesitate. Call us and join us at  Omeida.