The third day of the third month of the lunar calendar is called “San Yue san Folk Song Festival” 三(sān)月(yuè)三(sān)民(mín)歌(gē)节(jié)in Guangxi广(guǎng)西(xī) province. Guangxi people have four days’ holiday including weekends to celebrate this festival.

Culture Class: San Yue San

Twelve is the teacher wearing the Omeida T-shirt. Guess what he was doing? He was introducing a very interesting activity 对(duì)歌(gē). The people of Guangxi like singing in duet style in this festival.

Natasha and Twelve were singing now. What a wonderful song. Join us at Omeida and learn from each other.

Students from Omeida’s English College attended this culture class alongside students from the Chinese Academy. Li was sharing what she knows about the third of March.

Students were listening carefully about the love story of 刘(liú)三(sān)姐(jiě) and 阿(ā)牛(niú)哥(gē). The story is a little sad and beautiful.

What is This Traditional Love Story About?

刘(liú)三(sān)姐(jiě) and 阿(ā)牛(niú)哥(gē) have crush on each other in 对(duì)歌(gē). The landlord likes Sanjie and keeps them apart. But Sanjie and Aniuge overcome difficulties and live together with happiness.

There are five minorities in Guangxi Province. 绣(xiù)球(qiú)is a special love token for Zhuang people. If a Zhuang girl has a thing for you, she may throw this ball to you. You can catch it if you fancy her.

Do You Know What Above Food is?

The food is sticky rice in five colors. As usual, there are yellow, white, black, purple and red. We use various plants’ juice to make  differ colors.

It called 五(wǔ)色(sè)糯(nuò)米(mǐ)饭(fàn)in Chinese. The people of Guangxi province have a custom to cook this food to celebrate the end of the rice harvest.