Learn Chinese in China

  This Wednesday, teacher Twelve gave us a vivid lesson about Peking Opera, he is very talented in singing traditional Peking Opera, and he illustrate the origin of it as well as demonstrated the beauty of this special melody. Beijing Opera is the quintessence of China. The largest Chinese opera form, it is extolled as ‘Oriental […]

This Wednesday, Chinese Academy organized a class dinner in Chunji Roast duck restaurant. Influenced by Cantonese cuisine, Guilin cuisine is usually light-flavored, tender and fresh. For travelers in Guilin, you may encounter lots of characteristic delicacies out of your expectations, such as Beer Fish, Stir-fried Escargots and Roast Goose in Lotus Leaf. Unlike big metropolises Beijing […]

Folk culture is often cited as against elite culture. While elite culture represents the high-end accomplishments of a nation, often in the form of fine arts, philosophy, literature, etc. created by outstanding, talented people, folk culture is the collective achievements of the nation’s entire population. As the Birmingham School of Cultural Studies asserts, culture is […]

This week is the 9th school reunion for Omeida Chinese Academy.To Reconnect With Old Friends ,Remember the best friend that you talked to for hours every night on the telephone and swore you’d never grow apart from? Unless you’re one of the lucky few, chances are that you haven’t seen one another in years and […]

 This Wednesday, Chinese academy organized an hotpot event to fight against the cold and humid weather. Teacher Icy gave a vivid class about how to prepare and the history behind the hotpot. Chinese hot pot is a glorious communal feast and is easy to prepare with the right equipment and ingredients; here we show you […]

This Wednesday, the topic of culture class in Chinese academy is the famous double 11 shopping carnival! if you still don’t know about this festival, then you need to updated. What is Singles Day? Singles Day started as an obscure “anti-Valentine’s” celebration for single people in China back in the 1990s, but it has spawned […]

This Wednesday, Chinese Academy organized a Tea Ceremony in a traditional tea house, the teacher himself has more than 15 years experience in making tea and have in depth thought about how tea should be prepared. Chinese tea culture refers to how tea is prepared as well as the occasions when people consume tea in China. […]

Last Saturday, Chinese academy and English Academy organized an activity together, we decided to cycling from Omeida to Fuli bridge. we started from 9AM and ends around 3PM.To be fit and healthy you need to be physically active. Regular physical activity can help protect you from serious diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, mental […]

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot is a famous chain of hot pot restaurants throughout much of China.Little Sheep, founded in 1999 in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, specializing in mutton/lamb hotpot restaurants, has over 300 chain restaurants in China.There are different styles of hot pot around Asia, and even within a given country each household will do […]

Last Saturday, Chinese Academy organized Chinese cooking lesson.Consider a native Chinese chef a rare resource. Do you love Chinese food? Most of us do, that’s why Chinese restaurants have been such a huge success – that and the fact that most people who are not Chinese have no idea how to cook it.Even better a […]