Teach English in Yangshuo

Teach English in China! Yangshuo is the perfect location. Not just for anyone that appreciates natural beauty, loves going on adventures and immersing in Chinese culture but also as a peaceful work environment where you can enrich your teaching experience. Here are some options that will add value to your life that no money could ever buy!

Summer School English Teacher

Teach English


Omeida Language College offers an English-language summer school program for students between the ages of 7 and 16. The purpose is to give students the opportunity to improve their verbal English skills in a fun and welcoming environment. Additional outdoor activities provide the opportunity for further exploration of the beautiful town of Yangshuo.


We are currently seeking teachers for the months of July and August, 2021.

Long-term ESL Teacher


Have you ever dreamed of traveling to a new destination filled with rich culture and history? Teaching English in China presents a great opportunity. Immerse yourself in the customs and traditions of one of the most dynamic countries in the world. Yangshuo boasts a beautiful environment that is perfect for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle. Come to Omeida to make a significant impact in improving our students’ English!



This long-term position is a one year contract, and you can inquire any time for the availability.


Personable Teaching Environment

Small class sizes (between 4 to 12 students, adult) maximize the learning value for our students. This allows our teachers to maintain stronger relationships with students. This leads to better understanding the progression of learning throughout their English journey.

Work-Life Balance

Teachers at Omeida enjoy a quality of life that is best described as “peaceful” and “relaxing”. Yangshuo is well-connected to the rest of mainland China. This presents the opportunity for additional exploration within one of the most dynamic countries.

Natural Beauty

Yangshuo is a gem of natural beauty within China. Many of our teachers enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities that Yangshuo offers. This includes rock-climbing, hiking, and cycling.

Vibrant International Community

Teachers at Omeida come from all around the world. This creates an international community that is integral to the mission of Omeida. Enjoy the blend of eastern and western cultures at the historic West Street.

Apply for jobs now. Sending your resume to edu@omeida.com. Click below for more info.


Whether you sign a short or long term contract as an English teacher, we at Omeida Chinese Academy in collaboration with Omeida English College are glad to offer you the opportunity to learn Chinese with us at a discounted price.

The English school will pay the full tuition fee in advance for you and then later deduct it from your monthly salary and/or bonus. No need to worry about paying a large sum upfront on your first day.

You can choose between two types of courses. First one is the Standard Chinese Course with a small group of students (in total 15 lessons in a week). Your schedule might be teaching in the morning and studying in the afternoon or vice versa. If you prefer to have more time preparing for the teaching materials, doing homework, or interacting with Chinese friends, then the second one Part-Time Chinese Course (in total 2-6 lessons in a week) will be the perfect choice for you.