This Wednesday we had a culture class in Omeida Chinese academy about Chinese Teacher’s Day.

What is China Teacher Day?

The 10th of September is an official holiday in China. This day the whole country celebrates educators and teachers. This holiday, in its different interpretations, has existed in China as early as the Middle Ages. Teachers and coaches have always been honored and respected in China. Very often, teachers acted as mentors throughout the whole life; it is especially true for traditional Chinese martial arts. Teacher Shelly talks about Chinese teachers day based on its origins, the history as well as how we celebrated this holiday in China.






Why do we celebrate Teachers Day?

It is very surprising for students to found out that Teachers day is very important in China, they regard Teacher’s Day just another normal day in their country. Valerie (from Germany) said, it is very nice to bring back the trend to respect our teacher and their way of teaching, that is what we need right now in our society!



How do we celebrate Teachers Day?

Eyal (from Isreal) is playing the guitar and singing a song for his teacher as a present. Everybody was singing ‘Country Road’. This day China holds meetings and festival events. Awards ceremonies are taking place very often. Pupils give flowers and gifts to their mentors. Thousands of schoolchildren and students thank their teachers for their important work.



Teamwork and group talks are also very important in class, students were discussing different expressions to say thank you to teachers. Today, China honors teachers by dedicating a special day for them. For the past 31 years, 10 September is officially Teachers’ Day in China. It’s a day for people to show their respect and gratitude to teachers for their hard work and contributions to society.

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