This week is the 9th school reunion for Omeida Chinese Academy.To Reconnect With Old Friends ,Remember the best friend that you talked to for hours every night on the telephone and swore you’d never grow apart from? Unless you’re one of the lucky few, chances are that you haven’t seen one another in years and may even have lost touch altogether. Few events offer the opportunity to reconnect with people that were once important to you like an omeida school reunion, and you may never see them again if you skip the event.     Whether it is the motor head that constantly tinkered with his cool car or the nerd that always raised his hand to answer the teacher’s questions, it’s fun to see what became of them. Networking is so important in some fields that there are entire social websites built solely around the premise of helping people to network on a professional level. Attending your high school reunion can be a great experience, but it may also afford you some networking opportunities that you would otherwise miss out on.Seeing pictures and FaceBook status updates from your old friends or even sending a few messages back and forth just isn’t the same as seeing them in the flesh and catching up. As hard as it may be to believe, some people don’t even maintain social networking accounts. If you haven’t seen your  school friends since graduation, there’s no better place to catch up than the spot where you all went your separate ways.This year, Dan(from UK) and Rasheed(from Nigeria) comes back this year to visit old friends, we had variety of school activities and entertainment organized by school, we went to eat hotpot together and did BBQ with English academy.If you’ve ever wondered where people ended up and what they have done with their lives this is your chance to find out.

Omeida school reunions have a mystical power to bring back emotions from the era you attended school. Often this can be in the form of music, seeing old acquaintances and friends and returning to an area you may have not been back to since. 

The reason why people just keep coming back is that Omeida is more than just a school, it is also your home, and people here are all your family. The loving and caring is formed in school that bounded everybody together.

More stories about Omeida Chinese Academy, to be continued…