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Volunteer in China!

Volunteering in China is not only fun but can also help you subtract the costs needed for living here.

Many students wish to spend a season abroad to learn their favourite language. We know, however, that these experiences can be fairly expensive. That’s why we invite you to come to our school to learn Chinese through the volunteering program.

Let me explain how the program works:

Volunteering with us is very simple and rewarding.

If you are a student at school, you just have to help out a few hours a day to get:

  • A discount on the price of the course
  • Free accommodation
  • Free meals from Monday to Friday

It’s not bad right? The best part is that volunteering consists of a cultural and linguistic exchange with English students. You will be presented with a Chinese partner with whom you will have to practice English. If you are a native English speaker or have a similar level you are perfect for the program!

It is also a great opportunity to add international experience to your curriculum as well as the possibility of making new friends for life.

It is important to highlight that you won’t need any working visa for the program so it is easier for you to gain these type of experience in china without the worry of long bureaucratic processes.

It’s just a program from Monday to Friday. Therefore you will continue to have free weekends to explore Yangshuo and its surroundings. You may even spend the Saturday with your new linguistic partner at one of our weekly excursions or activities.

Yangshuo is famous for its natural surroundings and amazing landscapes. It is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the Chinese culture at the same time as you practice your favourite sports or enjoy the possibilities of the city.

If you are still not completely convinced, you can read about the experience of a recent volunteer.


Do you have any more questions? Learn more about our volunteer program here or email us.