Why Choose Omeida Chinese Academy?

At Omeida, we’re proud to offer a unique and enriching experience. Studying in a small, quiet town like Yangshuo provides all the comforts and so much more compared to a big, busy city. Our Chinese Mandarin immersion learning center stands out for its teaching excellence. Omeida’s experienced and passionate teachers ensure that each student receives personalized attention, making learning effective and enjoyable. Join us in Yangshuo and experience the difference!

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Excellence in Education

Omeida Chinese Academy is a fully-licensed and government-recognized institution approved by the Guangxi Provincial Education Department. We are authorized to recruit international students to study Chinese language and culture and assist them in obtaining student (X2) visas.

Our teachers are all certified language instructors with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and prior teaching experience. We select teachers not only based on their academic and professional qualifications but also on their character. Our teachers are professional, approachable, enthusiastic, and caring.

At Omeida, our highly qualified teachers incorporate Western teaching methods, using textbooks, videos, audio recordings, and games to create an engaging learning experience. Unlike other colleges that rely on large classes and focus on memorization and repetition, we emphasize interactive and enjoyable learning. We track learning progress with quizzes to ensure rapid and effective learning. Experience the difference at Omeida and enjoy your journey to mastering Chinese Mandarin!

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Cultural-Immersion Activities

Several times each week, we offer our students opportunities to deepen their immersion in Chinese culture through activities listed on our student activities page. We also host a weekly social night where students engage in group activities with Chinese students learning English. Additionally, every Saturday, we organize outings around Yangshuo or the nearby countryside.

Every week, the Chinese Academy hosts cultural events featuring activities such as calligraphy, tai chi, and tea-making to enrich students’ understanding of Chinese culture.

Beyond these regular activities, your experience at Omeida includes holiday celebrations, monthly class dinners, and daily interactions with native Chinese students. Our aim is to ensure you are fully immersed in Chinese language and understand the culture.

Omeida's campus nature Yangshuo

Incredible Location

Our school is located in one of the most beautiful regions of China, surrounded by the endless Karst hills, a natural wonder of southern China. These breathtaking views make Yangshuo an attractive travel destination for international visitors. Despite being a small town, it offers modern comforts and serves as a hub for various outdoor activities like cycling, rock climbing, bamboo rafting, kayaking, and hiking.

Many people come to study at Omeida to enjoy stunning Yangshuo. Omeida’s campus is nestled among tall, steep hills and winding rivers, often depicted in traditional Chinese ink paintings. Yangshuo is a magical and captivating town, perfect for our students to explore.

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Inexpensive, Comfortable Lifestyle

Yangshuo offers a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle that helps you clear your mind and create space for learning Chinese. Being based in a small town like Yangshuo allows you to escape the hustle of big cities, which is why many students choose Omeida.

At an affordable cost, you can opt for tuition that includes housing, meals, and Chinese classes. Yangshuo also offers comfortable living and quality food from China and various international cuisines at fair prices. Life in Yangshuo is convenient, with access to many Western brands. Through online shopping, whatever you need can be efficiently delivered to your door.

The affordability of Yangshuo also helps us keep our courses reasonably priced. Schools in larger cities tend to have significantly higher costs for tuition and students’ living expenses.

Our Accreditations


Omeida is a verified school within the GoAbroad study abroad network. GoAbroad.com is a referral website for established study abroad programs and language programs around the world. On school profiles, you can view media, school descriptions, and reviews. Check out what students are saying about Omeida!

Go Overseas

Go Overseas is a great platform. They recommend institutions abroad to visit and study, including Chinese language schools. With over 50 positive reviews and 11 interviews, it’s not hard to see why Omeida is verified as one of the certified schools. Go and have a look why people choose Omeida. Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble across your friend’s review!

Education Department Of Guangxi

Yangshuo Omeida Language College (to which we Omeida Chinese Academy is affiliated) is the first, and at the moment the only private language school approved by the Education Department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to recruit and teach foreign students Chinese language and cultural lessons. 

Lonely Planet - Our story

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet, one of the world’s most successful travel publishers, with 120 million books in eleven different languages and its award-winning website recommended us way back in 2011. Based globally around the world, helping many travellers start their adventures, Lonely Planet is still driven by the philosophy: ‘All you’ve got to do is decide to go and the hardest part is over. So go!’ Why not follow that philosophy and explore China with Omeida Chinese Academy!


The official Bildungsurlaub guarantees high quality language courses for students from all over the world. Our Chinese language courses have been officially checked to meet the standards of professional teaching. This is why we were officially accredited in 2014. Thus, the accreditation by Bildungsurlaub offers a piece of mind when studying with us.

Students exchanging about culture and various topics in Chinese at Omeida.


Omeida’s language exchange program offers an exceptional opportunity for immersive Chinese language learning. With many native Chinese students learning English, you’ll enjoy a diverse and enriching experience. Every day, you’ll engage in at least one hour of one-on-one language exchange with a dedicated partner from 5 to 6 pm. This ensures focused and personalized learning.