For the best view of the Li River, take a hike up Husband Mountain. Husband Mountain, also known as Xiang Gong Shan, is named by local villages because of its shape which looks like a man standing by the Li River, waiting for his long-lost wife to come home.

Omeida Chinese Academy went to Husband Moutain to see the sunrise. It’s one of the best viewpoints of the Li River and the surrounding mountains. Photography enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies make early morning visits up the mountain for a chance to catch a stunning sunrise.Climbing the stairs to the top of Xiang Gong Shan and taking in the view of the Li River below and the surrounding karsts was probably the most amazing view most students experienced in their stay. It was beautiful, magical and enchanting.Husband Mountain is a well-known scenic spot by the locals but not popularly known to tourists, mainly because it doesn’t have adequate lodging accommodations nearby. However, the view at the top of the mountain is absolutely breathtaking. If you’re visiting Yangshuo, Xiang Gong Shan is a must visit (especially for photographers).