Cruising and Hiking to Xingping, China

  • February 18, 2019

Xingping is a town in North Guangxi, China. It is 27 kilometers upstream from Yangshuo on the Li River. The town was initially settled in 265 AD and was the regional center for Yangshuo County until Yangshuo was settled in 590 AD. Like Yangshuo, Xingping is surrounded by great examples of Karst scenery, with one particularly prominent peak overlooking the village from the southern end of the shoreline against the Yi River, topped with a lookout which can be climbed too with relative ease by those with an adventurous spirit and a head for heights. Though not as developed or touristy as Yangshuo, it has a nice authentic feel to it, complete with a few intact historical buildings and easy access to the Li River.

Li River Cruises

From Guilin to Xingping: It takes approximately 3 hours downstream departing from Guilin’s Zhujiang Pier and boats arrive into the pier at Xingping.

There are so many things you can do in XingPing, for example, the ¥20 Point (a 10 minutes walk from the pier). The famous landscape on the ¥20 note is just outside Xingping, You may think that the Chinese are looking for money from you when really they are pointing this out. You can take a photo from the exact same spot as this picture.

Hike to the Fishing Village

The 2-3 hour hike leads to a small village along the Li river called Fishing Village 渔村. The walk is not labeled, but it takes you through beautiful valleys, karst landscapes, and orange groves. The hostel, This Old Place, has detailed information about the route. Once at the Fishing Village, you can get a bamboo raft ride back to Xingping or hike the same way back. There are no restaurants and limited shops in the village, but it is possible with a little Chinese to visit a villager’s home 农家 for food for a small price. Speak to any of the villagers and they will enthusiastically offer to take you to their home for food, and show you around their home.

Li River Boat Trip

The Yangdi-Xingping section has gotten substantially more expensive. Instead, take a boat trip along the most famous parts of the Li River for an hour and a half. These small boats are much more enjoyable than the large cruise ships that cruise by and far cheaper. The Yangdi-Xingping section is now strictly controlled with an official ticket office and touts at the official docks have all but disappeared.

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