There’s a well-known Chinese saying that ‘Guilin’s hills and water are best under heaven’ – the place they are referring to is Yangshuo.

Yangshuo, GUILIN

Simply put, Yangshuo feels like a town from a fairy-tale. Nestled between two rivers and countless mountains, the scenery is debated to be the most beautiful in all of China. And, safely away from China’s urban centers, Yangshuo also boasts some of the country’s cleanest air. Those looking for fresh air and outdoor adventures are sure to find it here, with rock climbing being the most popular. However, rural as it is, Yangshuo’s attraction of visitors world-wide has also bred a lively night scene. Bars and international restaurants are found scattered throughout Yangshuo’s West Street. It’s no wonder over a thousand foreigners call this place their second home, and even more choose Yangshuo as their annual getaway.

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Things to Do in Yangshuo


Rock Climbing

Yangshuo is China's rock climbing paradise. Thousands of rock climbers all over the world travel here each year to experience the many climbing spots dispersed among the thousands of karsts. Are you a rookie? No worries, many English-speaking outdoors groups here provide gear and instruction.


Chinese Cooking Class

A local, English-speaking cooking school is available to take you to the local market to teach you how to buy groceries from the farmer's market and then show you step-by-step how to cook it yourself! Take your new Chinese cooking skills back home with you to treat your loved ones.


Cave Exploring

The water that eroded the limestone in this region many years ago not only left beautiful karst mountains, but also caves within of them. Many of the caves here require a ticket to enter, but if you're adventurous enough you can also find some that few people have seen!


Xing Ping

Xing Ping is an ancient town that sits on the edge of the Li River's most beautiful point. It has been remodeled to host a variety of restaurants and small shops. This is a great place to go shopping or board a boat that will take you to some of the most scenic points on the river. You can also hike to the top of an overlooking mountain for a great view.


Liu San Jie Performance

This is a performance held along the Li River after the sun goes down. It features magnificent displays of light and color as well as skilled dancers and choreography. It tells of the story and hardships of Liu San Jie, a legendary woman heralded as a hero in the Yangshuo region. Although it is an outdoor performance, you will still need a ticket to enter.


Guilin Romance Park

The Guilin Romance Park's main attraction is also a magnificent performance of light, color, and choreography, telling the story of Liu San Jie. But this performance is indoors and it is located within a theme park. The theme park also has a haunted house, outdoor street performances, an interactive arcade, and a few water-park-type activities.


Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi and Kung Fu masters reside at a beautiful and peaceful Chinese martial arts school near our campus. They speak English and welcome any foreigners to enter classes of any level during their stay in Yangshuo. Take a 1-time beginner class or enroll in a course.


Bamboo Rafting

Yangshuo's rivers are almost completely closed in by mountains and rice farms, making them peaceful and beautiful. Bamboo rafting guides can be found at almost any bridge/crossing along the Yu Long River. They'll paddle as you leisurely drift down the river.



For some of the most beautiful scenery you've ever seen, hop on a bike and head in any direction out of Yangshuo. Bike rentals are cheap and can be found all over Yangshuo. Guided bike tours are also available for groups. You can hire either bicycles or electric bikes.


Li River Cruise

Large, 2-story ferry boats run down the Li River between Guilin, Xingping, and Yangshuo, past some of China's most prized and beautiful landscape. This is a great option for a 1-2 day excursion.


Tea Plantation

The Yangshuo Tea Plantation sits at the height of a road that winds through the mountains just outside Yangshuo. Visitors can pick their own tea leaves and later be shown how to make Chinese tea.


Hiking & Trekking

Enjoy exploring villages, waterfalls, or getting a view from the top of a mountain? Bring your hiking boots, Yangshuo is your place.