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Your Plans to Get a Visa to China Just Got Easier.

  • previous unexpired visas CAN still be used
  • all visa types are available AGAIN for aLL applicants
  • pre-boarding antigen testing is now allowed in place of PCR tests

The COVID pandemic that started in 2020 caused severe disruptions when it came to travel in China, whether for education, tourism, or business. Now that we’re stepping out of heavy restrictions and clearing hurdles along the way, there is good news for travelers waiting to be China-bound—updates to the China visa policy aim to open the way for those ready for travel. Keep reading to learn how to enter China and the changes that will allow you to apply for a Chinese visa.

Can I enter China in 2023?

The short answer is yes! Entering China in 2023 has become widely available again. An update to the China visa policy will allow all previous types of travelers to enter the country starting in March 2023. Visa holders whose visas were issued before March 28, 2020, will have their visas reactivated if they haven’t expired. All previous areas of China that were visa-free will resume, where applicable. This is excellent news for those wanting to engage in tourism or do business in China.

What kind of visa can I get?

Currently, all previous visa types are available again. Importantly, tourist, business, work, and port visas will resume being expedited to applicants. Make sure you have the proper documentation for your application. For example, applicants seeking a Z visa for employment must have a notification letter of a foreigner’s work among the documents required for application. Tourists intending to travel to China will need a valid application, proof of travel arrangements, or an invitation letter in case someone is hosting them.

Applying for your visa is now so much easier!
Applying for your visa is now so much easier!

What about the previous long-term, multiple-entry visas?

Many people wonder if they use their 5 or 10-year visa, even though it was suspended during the pandemic. Fortunately, all tickets that are still valid will be reactivated as of March 15, 2023, under the new Chinese visa regulations. Another fantastic benefit extended to travelers is the Visas On Arrival at Shenzhen, Xiamen, Zhuhai, and Hainan. Visa-free transit at selected ports will also be renewed; travelers will have 24, 72, or 144-hour visa-free travel at selected ports. Check your country’s eligibility ahead of the trip.

Will there be a quarantine required?

No. Starting in 2023, inbound travelers will not be subjected to quarantine. Travelers will provide a negative antigen test before departure to embark on their flight.

How do I apply?

Apart from the usual route of applying directly in person at your nearest Chinese consulate, various agencies can receive all your documents and passport to process the application for you. It depends on how fast you want to complete the process and your budget.

If you do require any assistance with applying for your visa to join our Omeida Chinese Academy, please feel free to reach out as our professional support staff will assist and guide you to a successful visa application!