Via Ferrata Zip Lining in Yangshuo, China

Via Ferrata Zip Lining in Yangshuo, China

Via Ferrata Zip Lining in Yangshuo, China


Last Saturday, Omeida Chinese Academy organized a cool event called Via Ferrata Zip Lining in Yangshuo, China. A via ferrata (Italian for “iron road”) is a protected climbing route found in the Alps and certain other locations. The essence of a modern via ferrata is a steel cable which runs along the route and is periodically (every 1 to 10 metres (3.3 to 32.8 ft) fixed to the rock. Using a via ferrata kit, climbers can secure themselves to the cable. The cable can also be used as an aid to climbing, and additional climbing aids, such as iron rungs (stemples), pegs, carved steps, and even ladders and zip lines are often provided.


Our guides were extremely professional (and fun!) and follow strict safety procedures ensuring you are safe and enjoying your experience throughout the day. The coach was trying to explain to our students about safety issues and instructions on how to use the equipment. The Jebel Jais Via Ferrata involves a combination of walking, scrambling/climbing and zip lining around a purpose built course. At all times you will be accompanied by qualified guides and protected by a system of steel cables and anchors. Prior to the experience, the guides will ensure you fully understand the operation of safety equipment and are properly fitted with harness and helmet. Participants should be between 12 and 65 years of age, between 50 and 100 kilos of weight, have moderate fitness levels and be comfortable at heights. No prior technical experience is needed; we will ensure that everyone gains the skills to successfully complete the course.



People starting to get up one by one. Located in the root of beautiful Yangshuo, China where most famous for its mountains and rivers, meaning it offers residents and tourists one of the most exhilarating outdoor activities. Supplementary hand holds, ladder rungs, and anchors provide access to cliffs otherwise unavailable to the general public and create a series of unforgettable traverses easily accessed and enjoyed by hikers and explorers with limited or no rock climbing experience.



“It gives outdoor enthusiasts a chance to reach the same high, vertical faces as rock climbers, without the same strenuous training or severe risk because of the metal-ladder rungs fixed into the rocks and the cable to which you are secured,” Juan added. “also, it makes my Adrenaline very high” Shaun added.




Suspend your fear as you zip along our cables, reaching speeds up to 40 mph, and soar over the canyon floor some 60-100 feet below! 650-700 meters in total. Margret and Anzelle are very brave girls indeed!



Via ferrata courses provide adventurers with aspirations of scaling cliffs and traversing ledges the opportunity to flirt with their wild side without the need for extensive climbing equipment or expertise. It is also a very good activity to exercise your mind and challenge your limits.  Traverses and climbs are protected by state-of-the-art equipment and a cable lifeline. So proud of all of you guys. Looking forward to more exciting activities later on in Chinese Academy!