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Weekend Trip to LaoZhai Mountain and Bamboo Rafting

This Saturday, Chinese Academy went to xingping for the hiking and river rafting, we climbed Laozhai Mountain,which is near Xingping Town of Guilin…
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view of West Street in Yangshuo from TV Tower

22 Things to Do in Yangshuo – 2019 Ultimate Guide

Yangshuo, Guilin is one of China’s top adventure destinations and is debated to hold the most beautiful landscape in all of China. People…
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Is Learning Chinese Difficult?

If you take a poll around the world and ask them “Which language do you think is the most difficult to learn?”, most…
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Making Chinese New Year Dumplings

What do dumplings symbolize for Chinese New Year? On February 5th, Chinese Academy made dumplings together, as it is a tradition to eat…
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‘Fu’ Chinese Character: Symbols of Luck

To celebrate one of the most important festivals in China, Omeida Chinese Academy organized a series of activities both rich in content and…
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Chinese Grammar: Differentiating De (的, 得, and 地)

What does "De" in Chinese mean? If you’re learning Chinese, you’re going to see three (de)’s used quite often. What's the difference between…
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Chinese Pronunciation – How to Pronounce c, q, r, x, and z

If you’re an English-speaker learning Chinese, we have good news for you. The Chinese Pinyin (phonetic) system can tell you the pronunciation of…
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Viewing Li River From Husband Mountain

For the best view of the Li River, take a hike up Husband Mountain. Husband Mountain, also known as Xiang Gong Shan, is…
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What is China’s Singles Day Holiday? (11/11)

This Wednesday, the topic of culture class in Chinese academy is the famous double 11 shopping carnival! if you still don't know about…
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All About Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes

      What is the Mid-Autumn Festival? This Wednesday at Omeida Chinese Academy, teacher Icy gave a vivid culture lesson bout Mid-autumn…
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