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12 months in chinese

How to say 12 months in Chinese (II)

Hello Chineasian! In this post, we’ll introduce you how to say July to December in Chinese. If you’d like to start with January, this…
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12 months in chinese

How to say 12 months in Chinese (I)

一 (One) + 月 (Moon) = 一月 [literally] (One Moon); (January) We’ll start with January, of course! To write the month in Chinese,…
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15 best apps

15 Best Apps for Learning Mandarin Chinese

15 Best Apps for Learning Mandarin Chinese Are you trying to improve or learn Chinese? Look no further! Listed below are several applications…
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city in China with the best air quality

10 Cities in China with the Best Air Quality

Are you a wannabe China expat and want to find the cities in China with the best air quality? There are lots of…
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girl studying Chinese in China

Study in China | How to Prepare

Studying in China has become very popular among foreigners, and there’s good reason for it. With China’s growing economy and business opportunities, some…
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easy basic useful beginner mandarin phrases with pinyin

5 Mandarin Phrases to Help You Be More Polite

You might be progressing along nicely in your Chinese learning. You might also be one of the kindest foreigners to ever walk the…
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20 Common Chinese Phrases

If you're on a short trip to China and need to learn some survival Chinese phrases, these probably aren't the phrases for you.…
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The 10 Best Cities to Learn Chinese in China

If you’re looking to learn Chinese in China, you can find a Chinese language school in any of the cities listed below. And…
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Learn Mandarin Chinese – Language Apps Vs. Mandarin Schools

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ultimate showdown of Chinese Language Apps vs. Mandarin Schools! Both contestants are fighting to reign as your…
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Basic Chinese – 10 Easy Sentences for Beginners

Whether you just need survival Mandarin for a trip in China, or are a beginner learning the building blocks of basic Chinese, these…
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