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History Behind Double 11

This Wednesday, the topic of culture class in Chinese academy is the famous double 11 shopping carnival! if you still don't know about…
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Let’s make mooncake!

  This Wednesday, teacher Icy gave a vivid culture lesson bout Mid-autumn Festival.Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important festival in China after…
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Making Friends Abroad

I like the still and quiet. I enjoy being left to my own thoughts for a time. I even like trekking somewhere new…
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China's Secret City

China’s Secret City

As one of China’s high speed trains winds through the southern countryside, passengers begin to roll up the window curtains and turn their…
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Omeida Chinese Academy Summer Camp

Our first summer camp this year started on Monday July 3rd , however, one day before that, Yangshuo was suddenly flooded and the school…
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Chinese Calligraphy

书法shū fǎ Chinese calligraphy has last a very long history for thousand years. The ink brush, ink, paper, and inkstone are essential implements…
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